Monday, November 8, 2010

Studying Fashion

 Two items came in the mail the other day; I tore one open straight away and labelled it like an OCD, the other lays in pristine condition. Can you tell which is which?

Don't worry, I won't give up my day job.

Lil V

Flat White & A Real Kiss

Chasing Rainbows is well and truly back to it, after a long hiatus due nine week Europe trips and surprise Tiffany ring engagements! But we're getting organised and ready to bring out a Spring/Summer collection! Some from la la. 

We're loving the spring colours and tailoring; ethereal maxi skirts and big dumb combat boots, pastel tailored shorts with suede wedged heels. The purple spectrum looks fresh and refined, especially low saturation lilacs. However, I'm not sure if I'm buying into the clogs trend this season, should I? 


Sneak peak! 

V & V

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cutting The Mustard

The downfall of a vintage side business and a love for vintage is the dilemma of when to keep items for myself or when to share it. This is one such item! I'm all confused. Would you girls buy it? How much do I love it? Do i have an occasion for it? Would someone love it more than I? et cetera.

Big V was in Europe scouring for vintage treasures and then doing some volunteering work in Vietnam, so I'm left to my own device and am oh so indecisive! Help me out on this one!

Floor length mustard dress with amazing shoulder and neckline embroidery. 
Has a slit all the way up to the thigh! Risqué!
Modeled by Lil V

Lil V

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thanks Postie!

When I was young I had a pen-pal, who was just my primary school best friend separated at high school. We use to write to each other on cute stationery even though we lived in the same suburb. And for every letter we use to write "thanks postie!" on the front of the envelope. Hopefully a postie received our appreciation for keeping us in contact. PS: I'm still great friends with my primary school bestie =)

I haven't utilised Australia Post as much as my pen-palling days until now! This is how all our goods are packaged before trusting it entirely to the postie.


♥ Lil V

Before There After

These are some before and after shots of our last collection! Sometimes we go to great lengths to make dresses shorter (harhar), fitted and more contemporarily stylish. Most of the time we enthusiastically launch into cutting dresses up into pieces (because we have a fantastical idea for the dress!) before we have a chance to even reach for a camera and document day zero. But some rare times, our brain works before our enthusiasm! Hope you see the hard work we put in to altering the dresses to the ones you see in the collection. Enjoy!







Monday, July 19, 2010

Red Velvet

Colleen V
in a red velvet singlet top, or dress depending on how you want to wear it!
And also your height.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Turning Heads

Little J
modelling a russian faux fur hat with bow detailing

Colleen V
wearing Chasing Rainbows' hand made velvet bow as a makeshift head piece.


Green & Gold

More like mustard and teal, but that's less patriotic. Although we do LOVE seeded mustard. mmm.
I digress...

Colleen V
in a mustard coloured drape collared blouse
teal velvet mini-skirt
russian faux fur hat with bow detailing
& holding a cream glomesh bag.
All vintage ofcourse! 

Behind the scenes with our director Big V, who's more tall than big and older than Little V =)


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Smurfette's Short

Little J
in high-waisted blue tailored shorts, with gold buttons
& cream lace singlet top
wearing Chasing Rainbows' hand-made velvet bow as a neckalace

Neopolitan Dreams

Colleen V 
in a vintage retro pleated dress. 
It'll make you want to rummage through your garage for your roller skates/blades! 

Behind the scenes shot of our photographer C. Tung at Belief

Thursday, July 8, 2010

That Girl Was An Assassin Too

Okay, enough of the pretty florals! We also have clothes with bold colours, fierce designs and edgy patterns. Have a look at the pieces teamed with the girl's favourite killer heels.  

Little J
in a vintage Miss Selfridge multi-textured black top. 
Check the details on the closeups. 
Model's own high waisted gold shorts. 

Colleen V
in a vintage cobalt double breasted tailored pleated dress