Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Com-pleat Me

The golden hour was too amazing to pass up and we asked Lily to make one more outfit change,
even though it was nearly her curfew. 
The girl is still in high-school & day-light savings makes days go on foreverrrrr;
which we LOVE when we're having fun with photos and light!

Sweet Lily 
in a pastel blue top with beautiful embroidered shoulder
cream pleated shorts.

The Golden Hour

Yknow that hour of sunset where everything just glows; sun flares and warmth and everything feels ethereal and other pretty words! This is when these photos of this gorgeous gold sequin top was taken.

Sweet Lily
in a vintage gold sequin sleeve-less top
with vintage pastel-coloured floral cotton shorts
model's own blazer jacket

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Circus Master

Lil J 
in a light weight slouch dress with puffy sleeve. 
wearing a vintage owl neckalace.  

Blair Waldorf Anyone?

I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this dress looks! But let us try. 

Sweet Lily
in a floral halter dress is sourced from Paris after Big V's whirlwind Europe holiday. 
Full cotton fabric, with black buttons to secure the halter neck. 
The back can open with a slit from neck to waist. 
It has a beautiful mid-length full skirt with so much fabric you feel like you're floating! 
There are hidden pockets to store your treasures.

One of those dresses you'll just 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bag Lady

Colleen V
dressed in an AMAZING floral halter dress with open back
from Chasing Rainbows Paris Collection.

carrying Chasing Rainbows vintage bags.

Location: Errol St, North Melbourne. 

Grey Aluminum mesh bag

amazing square black mesh purse with silver clasp detail

navy hard-case purse with detailed clasp

Brown hard-case trapezoid purse with gold clasp detailing

brown faux leather hand bag with clasp detailing

"alexa-esque" black leather satchel

Fisheye of behind the scenes!

Going on photoshoots with a rainbow coloured suitcase of clothes/accessories/bags definitely makes us stand out. But luckily the arty Errol Street public are use to kooky kids like us. They apologised when they absentmindly walked into our shot while on their mobile phones, or walked around us and just looked on curiously. Must love arthouse streets!