Sunday, May 8, 2011

Princess Grace Kelly's Royal Lace Collars

Although the Royal Wedding was a few weeks ago, all the fashion magazines are still a-buzz with wedding dress inspirations!

We think our lace dress mirrors Princess Grace Kelly's wedding dress, especially the delicate lace pattern and lace collar. This Chasing Rainbows' lace mini peplum dress is exquisite! Just look and see!


"Nastasha" Dress $349
Shop Til You Drop, Jan '11

"Alibi" Dress $198.95
Shop Til You Drop, May '11

"Anaessia" Dress $1650
Shop Til You Drop Jan '11

We also love Grace Kelly in "High Society." We love the 1950s it portrayed (despite it's high society-esque ignorance). Loved the witty-lyrical jazz soundtrack with Louis Armstrong on the trumpet; it makes you hang for every next line and giggle at its ironic pun. Looove loooove the high-waisted, belted, loose collared shirt look to the red-riding-hood-esque coat she wore with the rainbow lining, to the white grecian swimming robe equipped with cape to the cute one-piece dress bather underneath. This is why Grace Kelly is a fashion legend; her style transcends decades!

Grecian swimming robe

One-piece bathers

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